Consulting Services both from Cairns and In Country.

Education & Training – Social & Business Development – Research

Many consultancies work within just a specific region, but we recognize that while Cairns and FNQ is home to us, our business and social engagement is also outwardly focused towards Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and then into Asia.

CPL is a fusion of interests and disciplines.  Our Directors are all long-term residents of Cairns. We have all worked in different spheres in both the public and private sectors but capture between us the following skills sets:

  • Education and training
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Social Development
  • Social/demographic forecasting
  • Brand Development
  • Video and Specialised Photography
  • Social and Community Development
  • Economic research and forecasting
  • Management
  • Feasibility research / studies
  • SME training and development
  • Demand Assessments
  • Websites and Online Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Business Development

We also work with third partly experts in the delivery of specialised products, services, training and capabilities.

*The company is set up to provide a wide range of fee for services options from Cairns charged under AUD, but also set up to provide in-country services that can have local currency arrangements.

The offices are at 103 Grafton Street, Cairns in the heart of the city.  This is also the home of the Exchange Innovation and Information Centre (EiiC).

Our Directors have an established record of working with international partners to identify, develop and deliver business and social development, research, educational and economic services appropriate to the needs of these locations. Our consulting experience extends over many decades and across many of the world’s regions.

In devising the appropriate solutions for partners and clients, our approach is inclusive.  We engage with the stakeholders, seek their advice, then propose options which we test again with our stakeholders before proceeding.  We are respectful of the social, cultural and economic realities of our partners to devise unique solutions which respond to unique circumstances.  We do not subscribe to top-down, “cookie-cutter” responses.

Bill Cummings, Gary Aylward and Lyn Carlyle-Jacob, combine seamlessly to provide wide-ranging specialties which offer a comprehensive suite of expertise.  Where required we are able to engage other appropriate expertise either locally in Cairns, or from other qualified providers.  We can bring together a multi-disciplinary team for all scale of projects: micro to maxi.

We’re available to provide advice which is unique to the specific challenges which developed and developing economies require to achieve social and economic progress.

Head Office

First Floor 103 Grafton Street Cairns.
PO Box 7428, Cairns Qld 4870.

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