Relationship Development between Cairns and the Pacific

Originally established in May 2019, the EiiC was located at Cairns Business College in Mulgrave Rd.  Following the closure of the Colleges due to COVID-19 Charles Darwin University have allowed the name and concept to be re-established under Cairns Pacific Link Pty Ltd.

We are delighted to still offer support and a “home” to Tradelinked Cairns PNG & Pacific.

The reimagined EiiC is looking to engage with partners, institutions, regional and State bodies to have a broad outlook towards PNG and the Pacific.

We see a need for there to be a non-partisan advocacy to promote Cairns as a Knowledge, Technology, Economic and Trading Hub for the region to the Pacific.  We are ideally geographically located for this and have the necessary infrastructure and expertise available to begin building on our existing strengths.

Some of the role we envisage is:

To create and hold an active register of expertise and knowledge held by business and individuals in the region.  Such a register would allow:

  • Better cross referrals to individuals and businesses looking for services from the region
  • The ability to present up-to-date and accurate profiles for businesses and individuals when work is available from Asian Development Bank, World Bank IMF and other similar organisations.
  • Ability to build a consortium of expertise to bid for work from WB, ADB ADB etc.

A platform for regional dialogue with Chambers of Commerce, State and Federal Government Departments, along with peak industry bodies. Working closely with individuals and companies with unique skills and services that we can partner with in order to achieve real win-win outcomes.

Advocacy of Cairns as a hub for Technology, the promotion of linkages between training, technology and education outcomes.  Promotion of linkages to QUESTACON and STEM educators to hub in Cairns providing hands-on learning, educating and curriculum opportunities along with tourism and other options (similar to ScienceWorks in Melbourne).

Head Office

First Floor 103 Grafton Street Cairns.
PO Box 7428, Cairns Qld 4870.

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