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Exchange Innovation & Information Centre

Exchange Innovation and Information Centre: EiiC

Relationship development between Cairns and the Pacific

Originally established in May 2019, the EiiC was located at Cairns Business College in Mulgrave Rd.  Following the closure of the Colleges due to COVID-19 Charles Darwin University have allowed the name and concept to be re-established…

Cairns Pacific Link Pty Ltd : CPL

Consulting services both from Cairns and in country in the Pacific

Many consultancies work within just a specific region, but we recognize that while Cairns and FNQ is home to us, our business and social engagement is also outwardly focused towards Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and then into Asia.

Photo of opening of EiiC in May 2019 in Cairns.

Lyn Carlyle-Jacob

Lyn Carlyle-Jacob is an experienced ELICOS teacher and VET trainer as well as having prior experience in project management and business development.

She has worked in Australia, PNG and other overseas locations in a number of community and development positions both within government, corporate management and as a consultant. Many of these roles were in small business development, women’s projects and microfinance. She is a long-term resident of Cairns but has strong and enduring ties with PNG and the Pacific.

Knowledge Ideas & Solutions Company Pty Ltd

Information coming soon.

Bill Cummings

W S (Bill) Cummings is Principal of CUMMINGS ECONOMICS and COMPASS RESEARCH. Foundations in economic research go back to early work at national level in Canberra, followed by many years’ experience in Northern Australia in economic and market research including periods of management of tourism and development organisations and Chambers of Commerce. Bill Cummings has served on many boards and committees including as Deputy Chairman of the North Australia Development Council and on the Council of James Cook University.

Cummings Economics & Compass Research

Cummings Economics are highly experienced regional business economists that carry out feasibility studies, demand assessments, economic impact benefit cost analysis and regional development strategies. The firm’s market research arm, COMPASS RESEARCH, is the leading market research agency based in Cairns and carries out telephone, online, face-to-face quantitative research and qualitative focus groups and in-depth interviewing.

Gary Aylward

A founding member of the Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific network, an industry group dedicated to growing business-to-business opportunities between the greater Cairns region and our near key business markets of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

Gary has been a member of the Management Committee for the Cairns Chamber of Commerce for 10 years and is now a key member of the Chambers Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific Sub Committee.

Hot Croc Consulting

Hot Croc Consulting delivers international advisory services, market­ing, branding, advertising and digital solutions for customers across online and offline platforms. Has extensive Northern Australia and international, including Papua New Guinea, knowledge that has been gained over the past 15 years.

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